Our focus is less on providing an extensive database of teas, and more on focusing our attention on the new & exciting teas that capture the season. That’s because we believe the real magic behind tea comes from your experience, not just your taste buds.
Monkeys are animated entertainers and mischievous revelers in myth, legend and lore. No wonder they are attributed to playfulness. The monkey isn’t shy and neither should you when exploring different teas! Turns out they fit perfectly into our goal of turning the process of finding new teas into a playful adventure.

Howdy, let's take a mini tour.

Explore new & exciting teas

If there's one amazing thing about tea, it's the overwhelming variety. We believe there really is a tea for everyone.

You may have already found your favorite type, or you may be just starting out. Whatever your experience, finding new tea to love is always a good thing.

We make it easy to venture out into the jungle of tea and help navigate you to your next favorite cup.

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Rate, discuss, and recommend your favorite teas. Read what others have to say and see teas differently by getting another perspective. Whatever you do, we make it super easy to monkey around with others.

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What's more awesome than trying a new tea? Getting it for an amazing deal. That's why every month we'll offer exclusive deals & free samples. Awesome, we know.

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